student examinations & results

“Life Is a lot like Jazz…it’s best when you improvise”. – George Gershwin

Whether playing for fun, or working towards exams, I have a 100% pass rate for all students.

Whether your child would like to learn ‘just for fun’ or work towards a graded examination, I will make sure that we have fun along the way. There is no pressure at all for Piano exams to be taken.

If your child does decide that they would like to work towards a graded exam I will work with them to make sure they are 100% happy with what is involved and expected of them. I will only put students forward when we both agree that they are ready and confident to do so.

Over the years I have put many pupils forward for graded examinations with the London College Of Music (http://lcme.uwl.ac.uk/home). The exams are taken at local centres in either Hersham or Walton on Thames.

University of West London Qualifications are recognized by Ofqual (the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator).

Below are my students’ most recent exam results. You will see that all of my students have enjoyed a 100% pass rate.


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