Piano Benefits

piano playing benefits

“To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable”. – Beethoven

When Learning Piano, A Wealth of Benefits Follow..

Playing the Piano offers an abundance of health, physical and mental benefits that can improve other areas of your life and continue to grow throughout your lifetime. Several scientific research studies have been taken which have proven how beneficial playing the piano is, regardless of what age you begin to learn. Not only is playing the piano good for your wellbeing there are many other ‘bonus’ benefits which can be gained…



Music stimulates the brain in ways which many other activities cannot. Neurological pathways are awakened when playing the piano and can the be utilized in other disciplines such as science, mathematics and engineering.



is developed right from the very first lesson. Reading music and playing the keys at the same time trains the eyes and hands to work closely and quickly together.



Many people claim that sitting down to play the piano each day, even if just for a few moments can help to refocus the mind and help them to relax.



Whether you decide to perform as part of a group or on your own to an audience you will always find it to be great fun and very rewarding.



Regular practice instils discipline which is an important life skill that can then be applied to other aspects of life.



Learning any instrument is extremely rewarding. The ability to play a piece of music has been said to be one of the most satisfying feelings on earth. So why not get playing?

The above benefits of learning to the play the piano is only but a few, the list really is endless. As with any hobby you take up in your lifetime… the more that you put in and commit to it, the wider the benefits which you will reap.


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