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You have hopefully arrived here as you are considering Piano lessons for yourself or your child.
Here you will find everything you need to know about Piano lessons with me – Lauren Twilley.
I discovered my love for playing the Piano when I was 4 years old when my Dad let me play on his keyboard for the first time.
I completed all of my Piano grades with the London College of Music by the time I was 16. I then went on to do a Diploma.

I have now been teaching for the last 14 years in the local area and at either student’s houses’ or local schools.
Professionally, over the years I have played in a band performing at weddings, events and corporate functions.
I have taken part in Charity events at local venues in Surrey, one of which was a “4 hands, 2 Piano” concert to an audience of over 300. All money raised went to the Parkinson’s disease charity.

I have worked in recording studios supporting vocalists who have needed piano backing tracks and I have also accompanied local drama groups and choirs who have needed a pianist for their rehearsals or performances.

Over the years I believe I have developed a way of teaching which meets the needs of each individual student. Lessons can be tailored to the student whether they want to work towards graded examinations, performing or play purely for pleasure.

Please browse through my website for more information on Piano lessons with me.

- Lauren Twilley

Why Choose Lauren Twilley?


14 Year experience

Over 14 years experience in teaching children and adults from all walks of life and various skill levels.


100% Exam pass rates

A 100% pass rate on examinations taken by students over the last 14 years.


exceptional retention rates

I have a 99.8% student retention rate. Among the highest in the United Kingdom.

“Lauren has been teaching my daughter piano for a few years. Lauren’s teaching approach is perfect for children as she has a calm nature and makes them feel at ease, she is patient and kind and my daughter has made great progress during the time Lauren has been teaching her. Lauren explains the techniques at an age appropriate level and through positive encouragement she is able to instill confidence in her pupils. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Lauren as a piano tutor.”

Liz – Weybridge

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When learning the Piano you will of course need something to practice on each week between your lessons. For complete beginners (especially children) I recommend not splashing out too much money on a fancy top of the range piano. Have a look on local selling sites, Gumtree, ebay etc as there is plenty of choice on there (and many are often free).

A keyboard is fine to start on but try to make sure it is touch sensitive (the harder you press the keys, the louder the sound…).

If you or your child would eventually like to go down the route of entering piano exams then you will need to be able to practice on a piano.I will recommend what music books to purchase which will be age appropriate.

A:  What would you like to learn?

Current pupils I teach are learning Justin Bieber, Adele, Taylor Swift, The Can Can, Abba, musicals, classical, James Bond, Mary had a little lamb……the list is varied and endless. I also have pupils working towards LCM piano exams.

A:  Lessons are once a week and the length varies on the age of the pupil. Usually 30-45 mins is sufficient.

A:  Everyone is capable of playing an instrument well but it does boil down to how committed you are and how much effort you put into practising. Little and often is the best way to go when practising the piano rather than a panic 2 hour practice the night before your next lesson. I often say to my pupils that I can help them understand the music, check they are playing the notes right and using the correct fingers, but when it comes to speed and getting the music to flow that comes down to them practising. The more they see and play the music, the more familiar they will get with it and the easier it will become to play.

Over the years I have taught pupils who have had their lesson once a week and then not practised at all between lessons which then means us re-learning what has been forgotten. Unfortunately this usually means that the pupils then get frustrated with themselves and in most cases will not continue with their lessons. However much I’d love to, I’m afraid I am no miracle worker . I cannot stress enough how much of a difference it makes if you can put in a few minutes here and there with your practice.

A:  Prices vary depending on lesson length. Please get in contact to discuss.